I saved 70% on water usage overnight!

Within the first day of the challenge, I have been able to cut down my daily water usage by an estimated 70% – 40% of the 151 litres used by an average Singaporean each day! Read on to find out more!

Start of a Water Challenge

As Earth Day’s draws near, I’ve volunteered to take on a personal challenge with WWF Singapore to document the adoption of water-saving habits. It starts with recording my typical usage habits on Day 0 and then implementing the following five measures over a week-long period…

The Ugly Side of Beauty Products

Heartfelt words from an animal passivist. Do you know more than 100 million animals die in laboratories each year – in the US alone? That’s 17 times worse than the holocaust and no one is actually bothered by it. Why? Just because survivors (if any) of the brutality of a laboratory life cannot write memoirs…

Singapore’s Water Story

Why are we paying for water? Why do we have to pay more?
A feature on Singapore’s water story in view of Singapore World Water Day celebrations on 4 March.

Vipassana Meditation – Experiencing Self and Developing Equanimity

For the food blog that earthleng.com is not, it is also not a travel blog. But I’ve completed a 10-day Vipassana meditation course during my extended travels and that has been a great experience. It also brought up valuable concepts which I identify with. Vipassana emphasises awareness and the principle of “seeing things for what they really are;…

A quest for seafood

Following my recent post on sustainable seafood, I have had the pleasure of checking out a local seafood source that prides itself on being local and sustainable at the same time – Ah Hua Kelong. But this fortunate visit took place a few days after a seafood meal for my dad’s birthday. Because no surprise here…

Seafood that tastes better

How sustainable is our seafood consumption habits? Can we ensure that there’ll be marine species (to feast on) in generations to come?

Topping the world – Singapore in energy consumption per capita

We’re pretty familiar with the term “carbon footprint”. There’s the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) for countries and there’re regulations imposed on companies on the way they treat pollutants and waste. Effective July 2016, SGX requires companies listed on the exchange to provide a sustainability report with a focus on their environmental impacts alongside…