What to pack for hospitalisation and quarantine if you are diagnosed with COVID-19?

Having completed my stay at NCID and now optimising for my resort experience at D’ Resort at Pasir Ris, I have a list of items that might be helpful for anyone who might be checking in following a positive test.

For the NCID stay – the NCID ward is a hospital and you are treated like a patient, so hospital gowns are provided and outside food is not allowed. I wouldn’t bother optimising for a stay there as the priority is really to rest loads and recover quick, so the beds can be freed up for other patients. There is, however, wifi powered by wireless@sg and you could bring your laptop if you like. I found myself resting the best when I just had my book.

What you might want to consider bringing are your toiletries – any particular soap, shampoo, facial wash, moisturizers, body creams, hair products that you absolutely can’t live without. Also, don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, as I had to get them to buy me a set. Any personal medication that you might need could be ordered from the hospital so those are generally fine if you forget them or are looking to restock.

D’Resort at Pasir Ris is where the fun begins!

My view of wild wild wet from the balcony

You are confined to your room but each room has a balcony for you to get some fresh air and chat up immediate neighbours. You will have to clothe yourself, clean yourself and although you are fed three meals a day, you might consider throwing in a treat every few days to break up the monotony of the catered food.

One double bed for each person

The room comes with a TV with HDMI connections, a fridge, an electric kettle and cups for coffee or tea. And a hair dryer!


Bring enough clothes for 2-3 weeks’ stay. It seems like the average person spends about 25 days in total, across NCID and resort. If you are not particular about having fresh clothes every day (it is probably not necessary since you are stuck indoors), or have lost your sense of smell, you can wear the same pyjamas for x number of days.

Your choice of clothing depends on whether you will have to appear on work video calls. Otherwise, the only other person who will see you is your room mate, the nurses who come for your nose swab every four days, and the occasional other infected quarantinee across the corridor when you pick up your food from your door. Oh, and your immediate neighbour from the balcony.

But honestly, I had no shame wearing the same thing for seven days now. And my room mate was super comfortable wearing a set of the borrowed hospital gown for the same length of time. Side note though, we both can’t smell.


Three meals are catered for each day and every meal comes with a fruit and a packet drink.

Breakfast could vary – a simple burger (really not great), bee hoon, or chee chong fun, for example. I find breakfast the most exciting meal. But I like to start my day with a yoghurt or bread, so I’ve arranged for my supplies to be delivered.

Lunch and dinner are pretty similar – rice with chicken and a vegetable. Although the chicken is cooked in various ways, both my room mate and I were tired of the monotony of the same meat every day. And I definitely am not excited about having rice anymore. There are occasional treats of spaghetti for lunch.

There are also occasional treats like digestive biscuits, lemon biscuits, even chocolate fingers. In fact, our fridge is full of the biscuits and packet drinks since we’re not a fan of those provided.

I would recommend having some healthy snacks and snacks of your preference delivered. Here are some items I’m glad I had delivered at intervals:

Healthy snacks

  • Hello Panda
  • Tim Tam
  • Cup Noodles
  • Carrot sticks
  • Cucumber
  • Yoghurt
  • Granola
  • Nuts
  • Pandan cake (MY LOVE)
  • Bread rolls
Stocked fridge

I am not a coffee drinker but I imagine that would be nice for an addict or connoisseur who does not want to be limited by the Nescafe sachets provided.

We’ve built in a little Grabfood delivery treat for ourselves every four days as a reward for surviving the swab test. The trick is to time it in accordance with the private delivery schedules of the resort. Also, to make sure you inform the receptionist if you are planning to skip a meal. We’ve managed to also wrote notes and stick it on our door when we would like to skip a meal. As a last resort, if they have left the meal outside your door, you could call the receptionist to take it away. But they will only be able to do it if you have not touched it.

Electronic Devices

Depending on whether you expect to be working from the resort, laptop, portable speaker, kindle, iPad, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV… Whatever you need to keep your mind entertained and mental health in check. Of course, spare a thought for your room mate as well. The ideal situation would be if you are both into the same type of music, or both into gaming, or are willing to start on the same Netflix series together.

I’ve had my laptop since day 1 but life changed when I had my HDMI cable delivered and could project Netflix onto the TV screen. Prior to that, I was dependent on Channel 5’s movie nights and struggling to keep up with Kin. I guess I’ve lost my taste for local productions.


If you expect to have much free time outside of Netflix, reading on the balcony proved really relaxing.

Simple indulgences

One of my happiest moments was when I finally did my exfoliating facial treatment and eye mask after two weeks of nothingness.

If you are into manicures and pedicures, I can imagine a really therapeutic session doing your own!

Medication and Supplements

My room mate was literally dying without her eczema medication it was such a relief for her when her dad finally delivered it to her after completing his quarantine order.

A good friend of mine delivered a bottle of Vitamin C tablets for me, which I found really thoughtful. I need to aid my immune system to fight the virus any way I could!

It sounds like a lot of preparation but honestly, you could arrange for deliveries from your friends or family members if you desperately want something that you’ve forgotten. And if your family members are quarantined, there’s always lalamove!

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