Vegans eat more pesticides

Living in Berlin has made me food conscious – the number of vegan restaurants around, vegetarian options available, and the unsolicited “Do you eat meat?” question when invited for a meal.

Veganism and vegetarianism are both concepts born out of great intentions – not exploiting animals, reducing carbon footprint, cleaner and healthier eating. I got intrigued by the cleaner bit. Yes, there is fat and carcinogens and hormones and antibiotics in commercially produced meat nowadays. But there are also all sorts of pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

Fact is, WHO approves the use of these pesticides, precisely because food needs to be grown at scale. There are regulations on the amount of pesticides used but it is still there. How much is too much? Does it differ from person to person? If someone replaces meat in his diet with vegetables, does that not mean he consumes more pesticide than a meat-eater? Therefore, are vegetarians and vegans ingesting a higher concentration of pesticides per meal?

Vegans and vegetarians remove themselves from antibiotics and hormones injected into animals bred for consumption but they do not escape pesticides. Unless they go all organic.

What do you think?

I think we at least can try to remove these pesticides by washing them off

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