Is there a point in washing fruits and vegetables?

I have always been paranoid about that layer of wax on my fruits and vegetables. Water just rolls off their waxy surfaces when I try to wash them – what is the point of running it under the tap when I know it is not removing the chemicals I am forced to ingest?

I am an average mass consumer like most people – I do not purchase exclusively organic products. Even if I did, what is to say the restaurants I dine at are 100% organic? I therefore started looking into ways of washing wax and pesticides away.

There are quite a number of online sources advocating home-made cleaning agents made out of lemon juice and baking soda, or apple cider vinegar. And they simply don’t work. NTUC retails vegetable wash but I was appalled at the list of chemicals in its ingredients – wasn’t I trying to remove chemicals from my food???

I was sold when I came across an organic product that is able to effectively remove wax and chemicals from my produce. How could I tell?

  1. The effects are visible – water actually seeps through the grains of my broccoli!
  2. The vegetable and fruits TASTE different (raw and cooked)!

Watch the video and I must say – it is all real.

More people should use this product. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Bringing this amazing vegetable wash also to Berlin! So, my German friends (vegan at that), you are covered!)

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