Start of a Water Challenge

I’ve previously written about the 30% price hike in water prices announced in the 2017 Budget. Water is a commodity as well as a resource that is scarce – it can be depleted. And Singapore is inherently a water-strained country. Our inspiring water story has sheltered Singaporeans from any change in water prices for the past 20 years.

As Earth Day’s draws near, I’ve volunteered to take on a personal challenge with WWF Singapore to document the adoption of water-saving habits. It starts with recording my typical usage habits on Day 0 and then implementing the following five measures over a week-long period:

  1. Turn the tap to the halfway mark
  2. Take rinses from a mug when brushing teeth
  3. Turn off the shower when soaping up
  4. Half-flush the toilet whenever possible
  5. Re-use water creatively

Here are some discoveries from the past 3 days!

Shower usagebrush teeth usage

I’m continuing on a week-long journey to alter my habits and discover new ways of saving water. Stay tuned for the article on WWF SG blog and here’s the full experience, complete with videos of my efforts!

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