I saved 70% on water usage overnight!

Within the first day of the challenge, I have been able to cut down my daily water usage by an estimated 70% – 40% of the 151 litres used by an average Singaporean each day! Read on to find out more!

Start of a Water Challenge

As Earth Day’s draws near, I’ve volunteered to take on a personal challenge with WWF Singapore to document the adoption of water-saving habits. It starts with recording my typical usage habits on Day 0 and then implementing the following five measures over a week-long period…

The Ugly Side of Beauty Products

Heartfelt words from an animal passivist. Do you know more than 100 million animals die in laboratories each year – in the US alone? That’s 17 times worse than the holocaust and no one is actually bothered by it. Why? Just because survivors (if any) of the brutality of a laboratory life cannot write memoirs…

Singapore’s Water Story

Why are we paying for water? Why do we have to pay more?
A feature on Singapore’s water story in view of Singapore World Water Day celebrations on 4 March.

Vipassana Meditation – Experiencing Self and Developing Equanimity

For the food blog that earthleng.com is not, it is also not a travel blog. But I’ve completed a 10-day Vipassana meditation course during my extended travels and that has been a great experience. It also brought up valuable concepts which I identify with. Vipassana emphasises awareness and the principle of “seeing things for what they really are;…